The development programme 'Permanently Practising' offers the context of Kunsthal Gent - an experimental intersection for contemporary art, located in a 13th century monastery in the centre of Ghent - as a workspace and an opportunity for the development of artistic practice.

A trajectory in the development programme is offered as a fellowship: a grant with a work period of three months to one year. This is a period of research and development, tailored with and around each selected participant, supported by a team of collaborators and invited guests. Participants are challenged to leave their mark on Kunsthal Gent’s public programme in experimental ways. Each work period has a total budget of €5,000 (incl. VAT).


Through this call we’re looking for 5 artists or collectives based in Belgium** who are offered a work period in 2021.

LINK to online form - deadline for applications: Sunday 25 October 2020


- For individual artists, collectives or collaboration initiatives (hereafter: artists) with a clear need to explore a new direction and/or to experiment with ideas for which they did not previously find the support or the courage.
- The development programme supports contemporary visual arts and is open to practices at the intersection of other artistic disciplines and fields.
- We welcome proposals from visual arts practitioners of any age, gender, position and cultural background. We explicitly strive for diversity in the programme.
- For the duration of the fellowship, the participant cannot be a student or take part in any other supporting structure (other residencies, PhD students, ...). The available support for artists is limited; we want to avoid double/overlapping support.
- ** The call for 2021 is aimed at artists based in Belgium, as international travel remains an uncertain factor for an indefinite period of time due to Covid-19. In the selection, however, Kunsthal Gent still strives for a balance between artists with local, national and international backgrounds.


- Work period - two options:
1) Three-month work period: a compact period with a concentrated on-site presence, starting in February, June or October 2021.
2) Work period of up to one year: a longer period with an on-site presence spread over several working moments. These stretched work periods are intended for artists from Ghent or proposals that require an attention that is more spread out, e.g. because they are focused on public and/or social space.
- The entire context of Kunsthal Gent is made available and includes shared workspaces. We do not provide individual studios.
- Possibility for accommodation: Kunsthal Gent has an apartment for 1 or 2 persons.
- The possibility to make your mark on the public programme (The development programme does not include an exhibition, this is a separate programme within Kunsthal Gent.)
- Budget: €5,000 all-in, to be used according to the needs of the proposal. This includes an initial fee of €500 for developing a detailed plan and €4,500 for all other costs (artist fee, travel expenses, production costs, VAT, ...).


The selection procedure takes place in two rounds: in the first round we ask you to explain your practice or partnership and sketch a first picture of your ideas for a work period. In the second round, 10 candidates are asked to work out a detailed proposal. From these, 5 candidates are selected. The duration and start of the work period will be determined during the second round, in dialogue with Kunsthal Gent.


- You can apply until 25/10/2020 with a concise portfolio, a description of your practice and a biography, a concise initial plan, possible cooperation partners and ideas for a public moment or programme.
- We only accept applications via the online form.
- Language. You can apply in English or Dutch (English is preferred because of the international jury.)
- Jury. In the first round the jury consists of the 2 artistic coordinators of Kunsthal Gent, 2 representatives of partner organisations and 2 current participants in the Development Programme ‘Permanently Practising’.
- Feedback. Due to the number of applications we expect, it is not possible to receive feedback on applications in the first round.
- Shortlist. The jury selects 10 candidates for the shortlist, who will receive an invitation to work out a detailed proposal. A fee of €500 (incl. VAT) per artist is provided for this.


- Detailed proposal and interview. The 10 shortlisted candidates present their detailed proposal live or online.
- Selection. The interviews will take place with the artistic coordinators of Kunsthal Gent, Danielle van Zuijlen and Valentijn Goethals, who will make the final selection of 5 proposals.


- Sunday 25 October: deadline first round
- By 9 November: announcement of the shortlist for the first round
- 22 November: submission of detailed proposals
- Interviews: 25 - 27 november
- By 5 December: announcement of the final selection


- We challenge artists to propose a plan for a significant development of their practice, for which the context of Kunsthal Gent can offer a fertile environment.
- We support development plans with time, space and a budget that enables collaboration and dialogue with relevant experts or colleagues.
- We encourage artists to look for partners (another artist, a curator, a theorist, an expert in another field, a local organisation, ...) to collaborate with on the proposed plan.
- We offer a dynamic context to work in and share your practice and research with colleagues and audience. The development programme runs parallel to the exhibition programme and intersects with the public programme of Kunsthal Gent (like the Friday evening events programme around artist’s practices.) We challenge artists to make their mark on the public programme, preferably in experimental ways. Think of an artist talk, interview, debate, lecture by invited guests, performance, interventions, publication, screening, new experimental formats, …
- Your contact person is Danielle van Zuijlen, artistic coordinator Kunsthal Gent.


For more information about the specific context of Kunsthal Gent, which defines the conditions for the development programme, we advise you to check the website and our user’s manual.
Still have questions? Contact us.


Download this open call in PDF



In 2019 Kunsthal Gent launched an open call for six artists, collectives or collaboration initiatives who were offered a Development Fellowship in 2019-2020. From more than 250 entries, a jury (the artistic coordinators together with representatives of Kunsthal Gent's structural partners and artists who were part of the programme) selected six artists and collectives to be hosted in Kunsthal Gent in 2019-2020:

Saddie Choua (Brussels)
Elke Van Kerckvoorde (Ghent)
Post Collective (Ghent)
Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee (Amsterdam)
Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion (Paris)
Younes Baba-Ali (Brussels).