TOT IN DE STAD! (see you in the city)

Development programme Kunsthal Gent, July - December 2019

TOT IN DE STAD! (See you in the city!) is a collaboration between artistic organisations from Ghent, with a focus on art in the city.

The Kunsthal Gent Development programme supports artists and collaboration projects with a specific development issue in six periods a year. By supporting Tot in de Stad!, Kunsthal Gent hopes to contribute to the perpetuation of the collaboration, so that it can grow into a solid platform, leading to a growing attention for art in the urban fabric of Ghent.

The aim of the collaboration is twofold:
1) to reflect on various art practices that take place in the public and urban space
2) to share and build up a public for these artistic practices, which often, due to their nature and location, generate less visibility in the regular (visual) art circuit.

In 2017/2018 the first edition of Tot in de Stad! took place, with 5 partners who organised one evening each on location in Ghent throughout the year. With the second edition, from December 2018 until June 2019, the collaboration expanded with two extra partners. After two editions, the initiators of Tot in de Stad! felt the need to raise the collaboration to a higher level, with a sharper common focus and communication. It is challenging for the involved partners, in addition to their own programming, to devote sufficient time and resources to the overarching investment which the cooperation requires.

In order to make this deepening possible, KUNSTHAL GENT's development programme will support the Tot in de stad! network in the summer and autumn of 2019. Together with artists involved in Tot in de stad!, the organisations will work on a renewed focus for a new edition in 2019-2020, inviting several external experts and developing a joint communication.

TOT IN DE STAD! - starting points: focus & reflection on artistic practices in the urban fabric

Stadsatelier VOORUIT
De Koer
PILOOT public art platform
Educational partners:
LUCA Beeldende Kunst Gent

Why do artists exchange their studios for a place in the city? What is the role of the participants? Is there a pronounced social involvement in these art practices? And what is the actual work of art? Tot in de stad! focuses on the artistic practices of artists who intervene in and/or depart from the social fabric of Ghent. Work in progress is shown, after which we always leave room for discourse around the artistic work. This takes the form of a discussion, debate, lecture,... Each edition takes place on location at one of the partners. In this way we travel through the city in different evenings, in search of art in the city.