24—26.05.19 – 19:00


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Opening weekend May 2019

Lions in the garden, a new cinema and a nocturnal performance during the second opening weekend on 24, 25 and 26 May 2019


Inauguration of the new cinema in the hall church.
Film programme 'Spaces of Cinema' by Art Cinema OFFoff.

On Friday 24 May at 20:00, Kunsthal Gent will present a brand new cinema in collaboration with Art Cinema OFFoff. After fifteen years OFFoff will leave its space in the Beguinage and Kunsthal Gent will become the new operating base. In the three-day programme 'Spaces of Cinema', they will pay tribute to the cinema as a magical place. On Friday there will be a performance by Teresa Cos (IT) and OFFoff will screen the film 'La Région centrale' by Michael Snow (CA). The cinema was designed by architect and visual artist Olivier Goethals (BE).

— Kunsthal Gent open from 19:00.


Nina Beier (DK) makes the garden of Kunsthal Gent accessible to the public for the first time with five monumental lions in the installation 'Housebroken'.

The exhibition 'Housebroken' will be open from 11:00. At 14:00 in the garden, curator Chris Fitzpatrick (US) talks about the exhibition and artist Bob Kil presents the performance 'bob bob, 2019'. On Saturday, the focus of the 'Spaces of Cinema' programme will be on the Ciné amateurs' salon. Starting at 17:00, there will be conversations on experimental cinema, screenings of Tomoslav Gotovac (RS), Vukica Djilas (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and a selection of short films.

— Kunsthal Gent is open from 11:00 (after midnight the Sunday programme will start).


Discoteca Clandestina: nocturnal performance by Curatorial Studies (KASK) and a programme by Atelier OFFoff in the cinema

In the night from Saturday to Sunday the research project 'HARBINGER Part 1-First Signs' by Curatorial Studies takes off with the seven-hour performance 'Discoteca Clandestina'. It marks the start of a programme of 4 weekends of lectures and films in which the common ground between art and science is explored with international guests. Discoteca Clandestina, the opening performance by Paolo Danese (IT), takes dancers from the third to the fifth dimension through music.

On Sunday afternoon, the young Flemish filmmakers and audiovisual artists of Atelier OFFoff will occupy the cinema with works by La Chambre Automatique (BE), Deveny Faruque (BE) and Jonathan William Beaton (UK).

— Kunsthal Gent is open from 11:00 to 18:00. At 12:30 there will be an info session about the current open call for the development program of Kunsthal Gent.

More information on the film programme by Art Cinema OFFoff: www.offoff.be

More information on the programme by Curatorial Studies: Discoteca Clandestina, Harbinger I: First Signs

*Image: Photographic reproduction of the moment when Croxhapox hired a fortune teller to predict the future of Kunsthal Gent, Café Folklore, 26-01-2019 (Stijn Van Dorpe/Croxhapox, first Kunsthal Gent residency.) Card picked by Danielle van Zuijlen (Kunsthal Gent).