27.03.2020 – 20:00


Topo Copy presents:
Knust, the pioneers of Riso Print + TALK

documentary + talk / POSTPONED


ATTENTION! All activities are postponed from 13.03 onwards.

Friday 27 March, 20:00
Topo Copy
Knust, the pioneers of Riso Print [docu] + Kleurbekennen [talk]

Stimulated by the documentary Knust - the pioneers of Riso print - which tells the story of the Nijmegen artists' initiative Knust, that originated within the squatters' movement in the 1980s, the Ghent print collective Topo Copy decided to organise a screening in Ghent. Topo Copy takes the opportunity to reflect on a number of topics in an open discussion with other local print studios and the audience, starting from questions that arise within their own collective/studio.

A table with a selection of publications and other print-related projects that are thematically linked to the programme will provide the ideal food for thought and discussion.

19:30 doors + selection of publications
20:00 DOCU: Knust - the pioneers of Riso print, 30'
20:30 TALK: kleurbekennen (3 topics)
22:15 bar

DOCU - Knust - the pioneers of Riso print, 30'

The documentary, directed by Ivana Smudja, tells the story of Nijmegen's artists' initiative Knust Press, the quirky printing workshop and publishing house that arose in the 1980s during the turbulent times of the squatters' movement. In the film we follow artist Charlotte Ager during her residency at Knust Press in the EXTRAPOOL building in the centre of Nijmegen. Interviews with former members of the artists' collective show the development of KNUST from the 1980s until now. Visual artist Gijs Frieling talks about how he made his international breakthrough with his book made at KNUST. Art collector Hans Kaaijk talks enthusiastically about the importance of the special KNUST publications.
Directed by Ivana Smudja / produced by Ellen Kocken, DZIGA


1 - Printers of the Resistance in the year 2020
Are we as print studios aware of the power of print? Do we find it necessary to be actively socially engaged or is it ok just to make 'beautiful' things? Do you sometimes raise your own voice and/or whose voice do you strengthen? Are you consciously dealing with preconceived values and norms? Do you take a stance on certain topics such as sustainability/ecology - diversity - human rights - religion - ideology - politics... and how do you activate that? DO YOU TAKE A STANCE?

2 - How to act as an artistic collective in a money driven society?
Are you non-profit as an artistic collective and is a creative agency for-profit? Where do you draw the line and (how often) do you cross it? When do you, when not? Do you set standards or do you work intuitively? How do you keep an organisation (often with few resources) sustainable and do you ensure a fair remuneration internally? How humane do you approach the organisation? How good are we at ensuring fair pay for artists involved (fair practice)? Do you set the same prices for everyone or do you work in a differentiated way, ... are you sometimes playing Robin Hood?

3 - Investing in a nearby network, ... better a good neighbour than a distant friend
How do we make Ghent an interesting playing field in which print studios know and strengthen each other?


An initiative of Topo Copy in collaboration with Kunsthal Gent - with thanks to the City of Ghent Stad Gent

Topo Copy is an 'open lab research centre' around print, (fan-)zines, paper, copy, ink and art. They have their own publishing label and a zine library. Furthermore, they organize activities such as workshops, lectures, interventions and exhibitions and run an open studio with machinery to promote creation with ink and paper. Topo Copy print Riso. - www.topocopy.org