23.05.2020 – 14:00


Gandante presents:
Kunsthal Gent en de Karmelieten

Tour (in dutch)

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Gandante is a Ghent Guides Association. They offer a tour about both the rich history of the Carmelite monastery and the artistic story of Kunsthal Gent.

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"In one of Ghent's best-preserved old neighbourhoods, the Patershol, we can find Kunsthal Gent. A unique free port for modern artists in various disciplines.

Kunsthal Gent is located in the old Caermersklooster, a monument that has served as an exhibition space for a very long time. It can be visited free of charge at weekends, but on weekdays it is a workplace for artists and artistic organisations. There are also regular public activities: from lectures and workshops to screenings and performances. In Kunsthal Gent various artistic players and disciplines in the arts meet each other. Emerging, established, local and international names are guests: they present their work in exhibitions or develop their artistic practice there.

During a tour of Kunsthal Gent, our guide goes into two things in more depth. On the one hand, the fertile artistic soil that the building has in its current interpretation. On the other hand, the rich history of the fourteenth-century Carmelite monastery will of course also be discussed. What we don't do, are the two pan-houses, as they are not in good condition at the moment".

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Steve van Den Bosch, Autocorrect, 2019, neon & timer, photo © Michiel De Cleene Steve van Den Bosch, Autocorrect, 2019, neon & timer, photo © Michiel De Cleene
MDC KH fresco 001 LR
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