11.08.2019 – 19:30


Alternative Tour:
Monologue Intérieur

Concept: Lieselotte Egtberts / Performer: Maïthé Truyens


Monologue Intérieur: an alternative tour of the former Carmelite monastery

In the midst of the festivities during the Paterhol Festival, Lieselotte Egtberts invites you to Monologue Intérieur: a wandering walk through the spaces of Kunsthal Gent. This alternative tour is like a restless contemplation that is moving through the former monastery, conceived and written especially for Kunsthal Gent by Lieselotte Egtberts (participant KASK Curatorial Studies 2018-2019*). Performer Maïthé Truyens (Performance student at KASK) will take a small group of visitors through the buildings. We will move from inside to outside, from noise to silence, from isolation to immersion, from fact to story.

Sunday August 11, 19:30
Start: at the reception of Kunsthal Gent - duration: ±30 min - language: Dutch
Maximum 15 participants - exceptionally not accessible to wheelchair users

Concept: Lieselotte Egtberts
Performer: Maïthé Truyens

Thanks to:
Samuel Saelemakers and Antony Hudek (Curatorial Studies, KASK), Trees Coene and Roger Van Bockstaele (Koninklijke Dekenij Patershol).

* The postgraduate course Curatorial Studies (KASK) is a structural partner of Kunsthal Gent.