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Kunsthal Gent offers platform

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ATTENTION! deadline postponed to 1 May 2020
- Due to the closure of Kunsthal Gent as a measure against the further spread of the corona virus, all events are currently cancelled. Many of these events will be postponed to the spring (the dates that were available in this call.) We will consider proposals received before 1 May for the autumn programme of 2020.

CALL for Ghent organisations in the visual arts:
Kunsthal Gent offers its platform for Friday events

Since 2019, Kunsthal Gent has been experimenting with events around artists on Friday evenings. Every Friday at 20:00 an artist talk, book launch, or other event is organised, in which one or more artists take centre stage. Afterwards, the bar is open. Some of these evenings are related to the artistic programme of Kunsthal Gent itself - the development programme and the exhibitions. But an important part of the programme of the Friday evenings is realised in dialogue and cooperation with partners from Ghent.

In the spring of 2020, Kunsthal Gent will also make the cinema available to colleague organisations from Ghent on Friday evenings. With this initiative, we hope for new collaborations that strengthen the visibility of artists from the programmes of partners. For examples of previous events, see kunsthal.gent/en/events.

What we offer:

  • A platform on Friday evening in the cinema of Kunsthal Gent, in the period April to June 2020.
  • The possibility to program an artist talk, book launch, film screening... between 20:00 and 23:00.
  • A film and lecture room with a capacity of over 65 people, with sound installation and projection.
  • A bar manned by volunteers of Kunsthal.
  • A small budget for catering (dinner or drinks for the artists in the programme).
  • Your activity will be included in the communication channels of Kunsthal Gent (website, newsletter, flyer, social media, ...)


  • The evening is organised by an artistic organisation from Ghent and surroundings that is active in the visual arts and related areas.
  • The evening focuses on an artistic practice, artistic collective or curatorial practice with a particular focus on the visual arts.

Proposal and deadline:

  • Send a brief proposal to info@kunsthal.gent with an idea for an event - this doesn't have to be detailed yet.
  • NEW DEADLINE: Friday 1 May 2020
  • Missed the deadline? Don't worry, we'll keep planning plan Friday evenings. Just send in that proposal!
17.04.20 20:00 [your organisation] presents: ...
15.05.20 20:00 [your organisation] presents: ...
22.05.20 20:00 [your organisation] presents: ...
05.06.20 20:00 [your organisation] presents: ...
12.06.20 20:00 [your organisation] presents: ...
19.06.20 20:00 [your organisation] presents: ...