05.06.2020 – 20:00


Caliban and the Witch - Introduction

Hosted by Other Women's Flowers, Jesse Jones, Sigrid Vertommen

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Syllabus reading group #2
Caliban and the Witch: introduction

5 June 2020, 8 - 10 pm (CET), in English

Together with the Ghent book club Other Women's Flowers, Kunsthal Gent organises a monthly reading group around Jesse Jones' Syllabus. Join us online on Friday June 5 at 8 pm (CET) for a live reading of several chapters from 'Caliban and the Witch' by feminist activist Silvia Federici. You’re very welcome to join the reading or listen in - also in case you do not manage to read the text beforehand.

This session will be hosted by Other Women’s Flowers, artist Jesse Jones and feminist researcher Sigrid Vertommen (UGent). Also this second session will take place online, with live images from inside Jesse Jones’ work in Kunsthal Gent: the space formed by a monumental curtain with an image of Silvia Federici’s left arm, where the reading group would take place if we would not be in lockdown.

Register at info@kunsthal.gent: we will send you a pdf of the text and a link to the meeting. We will read together the preface (pp 7- 10) and the introduction (pp 11-20).

Silvia Federici is a feminist, writer, teacher, and activist. Her research and political organizing accompany a long list of publications on philosophy and feminist theory, women’s history, education, culture, international politics, and the worldwide struggle against capitalist globalisation and for a feminist reconstruction of the commons.
Introduction: 8 minutes with Silvia Federici (video)

Jesse Jones is a Dublin-based artist and teaches visual arts at the TU Dublin School of Creative Arts. Her practice crosses the media of film, performance and installation. She often works in collaborative structures and investigates how historical examples of shared culture can play a role in our current social and political experiences.

Other Women’s Flowers is a beehive, a book-club and an artistic playground. It was born out of the wish to share, discover and discuss the written work of women, and to do so in a celebratory, playful way. Our dinner gatherings are a moment to share literary enthusiasm, debate contemporary challenges and rethink solidarity, one book at a time. Everyone is welcome to join the gatherings.

Sigrid Vertommen is conducting postdoctoral research on the political economy of global fertility chains at the Department of Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University. She is particularly interested in understanding women's role and participation in the bio-economy as egg vendors and surrogates through the lens of reproductive labour.

Syllabus: In January 2020, Jesse Jones’ work Syllabus opened in Kunsthal Gent: a monumental curtain that when pulled, fills the space with an image of Silvia Federici’s left arm. As agreed in a contract signed on the opening, the work is to stay in the exhibition space for 5 years, on the condition that Kunsthal Gent will host a monthly reading group or related event inside the circle that is created by the work. The contract foresees that ‘Events may be postponed where necessary due to unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, acts of God or enemy, earthquake, fire, or flood, riot, war or civil commotion, trials, examinations, pestilence, epidemic or accusations of demonic possession.’ A facsimile of the contract is available from Kunsthal Gent.

Image: Jesse Jones, Syllabus (detail)