09.12.2019 – 20:00


Art cinema OFFoff presents:
Guest: Nazli Dinçel

film screenings

Between Relating and Use

—US/AR, 2018, 9’, color, 16mm

Shape of a Surface

—TR, 2017, 9’, color, 16mm

Solitary Acts (4,5,6)

—US/TR, 2015, 23’ color, 16mm


—US, 2016, 12’, color, digital

Instructions on How to Make a Film

—CA/VS, 2018, 13’, black-white, 16mm

Nazli Dinçels 16mm films are made entirely by hand. She scratches, types, sews and stamps her letters on the image. These physical actions are related to traditional women's tasks in her Turkish upbringing, such as cooking or carpet weaving. In doing so, she searches for a visual language that can express what it means to be a Turkish immigrant in the United States today, to make films there on celluloid. She pushes her often painful, embarrassing and sexually charged childhood memories into her films, both literally and figuratively. Text becomes image, the image becomes body.

Tickets: 8 euro /5 euro (reductie)

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