06.12.2019 – 20:00


Pay What You Can:
The new art economy

Curated by Grace Ndiritu, with Ryan Hughes and Kathrin Böhm

PWY Cblue

curated by Grace Ndiritu

Friday 6 December
Kunsthal Gent

Part 1: 5 pm - 7 pm: PWYC workshop - 30 places, please register here!
Part 2: 8 pm - 10pm: PWYC talks and discussion - no registration needed, all welcome

As resources dwindle in the world, arts funding is the first to be cut. Grace Ndiritu proposes that as an act of solidarity, PAY WHAT YOU CAN could become The New Art Economy. With the current economic pressure that individual artists, non-profit institutions, art schools, small and mid-size commercial galleries are facing, it is increasingly important to find new economic and social strategies to survive and prosper. How could PAY WHAT YOU CAN become a sustainable reality? This timely event offers a chance for art professionals, art students and the general public to come together to learn about new economic models and debate this complex issue.

: Friday 6 December, 5 pm - 7 pm
- Short introduction by artist Grace Ndiritu on her PAY WHAT YOU CAN project Coverslut, followed by a PAY WHAT YOU CAN meditation ritual
- Working group sessions for solidary PAY WHAT YOU CAN solutions
30 places - please register here!

PART 2: Friday 6 December, 8 - 10 pm

PWYC case studies: talks and discussion
London-based artist Kathrin Bohm talks about her 'Centre for Plausible Economics' and her use of different economic models in the art in her different projects like 'Company Drinks'. Curator Ryan Hughes talks about the Coventry Biennale (2019) and the use of PWYC in its economic model in this year's biennale. Moderated by Grace Ndiritu. In English, all welcome!

Speakers Biographies

Grace Ndiritu
COVERSLUT© is a fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu founded in 2018. It focuses on dealing with issues of race, gender and class politics and incorporates Capitalist, PAY WHAT YOU CAN and Ethical/Environmental strategies into its economic framework. The first edition of the project was completed in association with Manoeuvre artists-run textile studio, Ghent. To date COVERSLUT© Pop-Up Stores and events have taken place at Minus One, Ghent (2019); Poppositions artfair, Brussels (2019); Eastside Projects, UK (2018); De Koer, Ghent (2018 & 2019), collection available at Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (2018) & Wiels Art Centre, Brussels (2019). Furthermore, Ndiritu's use of PAY WHAT YOU CAN as an act of solidarity in her own art practice has already influenced several art institutions including Eastside Projects, Birmingham, Kunsthal Gent and Coventry Biennale 2019 - to adopt a Pay What You Can policy inspired by her ideas on institutional critique and structural change.

Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes is an artist/curator from the West Midlands (UK). He is particularly interested in collaborative and participatory practices, online cultures and what has been described as the "post-internet". He has worked extensively in artist-led, institutional and non-art spaces including MK Gallery, ICA London, Vivid Projects and A3 Project Space as well as with local authorities and universities. In 2017 he founded Coventry Biennial, a new model for an artist- led and social biennial which has contributed to the city's status as UK City of Culture 2021.

Kathrin Bohm
Kathrin Böhm is a London based artist whose collaborative work focuses on the collective (re-)production of public space, trade as public realm and the everyday as a starting point for culture. Kathrin is a founding member of the artist political initiative Keep it Complex - Make it Clear (KIC), the Centre for Plausible Economies and arts enterprise Company Drinks in 2014.

Grace Ndiritu Grace Ndiritu
Ryan Hughes Ryan Hughes
Kathrin Böhm Kathrin Böhm