05.12.2019 – 18:00


Museumnacht 2019:
Wear your words II

by Bebe Books, Other Women's Flowers and buren

buren, Bebe Books and Other Women's Flowers triple up to organise a second edition of Wear Your Words. After the first wonderful night in Vooruit they take a second turn in Kunsthal with an evening where clothes and words come together. Everyone is welcome to play with texts and T-shirts, socks or any piece of clothing you'd like to give a voice to.

The continuous performance Thunderclap by A Sudo Wu (Amy Suo Wu) will accompany us during the evening, and we'll top up the night with T-shirt Conversations and a dress-up party by buren.

At Kunsthal Gent during Museumnight 2019
Thursday 5 December, 18:00 - 01:00

Facebook event Wear your words II
Facebook event Museumnacht 2019