21.02.2020 – 20:00


TWIIID presents:
What’s in a library?

project launch & cross-interview


Friday 21.02.2020, 20:00

Twee-eiige Drieling (TWIIID) presents: What’s in a library?
Project launch and cross-interview between TWIIID & second shelf

As a starting point for their research project ‘What’s in a Library?’, Twee-eiige Drieling (TWIIID) invites artist Heide Hinrichs, initiator of the collaborative research project second shelf for a cross-interview. They will discuss the role, function and composition of a (niche) library, as well as attempts to re-interpret, recontextualize and activate the project.

What’s in a library?
Between February and May, Kunsthal Gent will give Twee-eiige Drieling (TWIIID) the opportunity to further their research project 'What’s in a library?'. TWIIID selected twenty works that specifically focus on legal, socio-economic and/or artistic issues that manifest themselves within or around, as a consequence of or despite an artistic practice. They are looking for readers to leave ideas, critiques, interpretations or references in this collection. The comments left behind are collected and form an appropriation of the original book. In this way, the library actively links unchanging literature to the current legal and socio-economic context. A 'lending form' inquires about the identity of the reader and grants provenance to the newly compiled book.

Contact TWIIID via ask@twiiid.be or walk in on a Saturday to reserve a book and discussion.

Twee-eiige Drieling (TWIIID) act as a sounding board for a myriad of legal issues in the cultural sector. Their library plays an important role. Magazines, books and reference works are not only authoritative sources for formulating advice, but also inspire vision and guide potential policy proposals. This guiding role of the library underlines the importance of constantly scrutinizing the collection; to analyse its ideology and to look for its blind spots.

The research project second shelf asks how alternative canons can be generated in the library of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. The core of the project is the formation of a new collection of books in the library of the Royal Academy that document the work of female, non-white and non-heterosexual artists and related theoretical texts. Part of this process of raising awareness is thinking about the creative networks that libraries make evident (and sometimes conceal). More information: https://second-shelf.org/about/