11—12.05.19 – 12:00


Les VoiZines present:
Zine happening V

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Sat: 12:00 — 20:00
Sun: 11:00 — 18:00

Les VoiZines was formed in 2012 by zine enthusiasts who thought it was high time Ghent got its very own zine fest. Turns out they weren't the only ones; the first Zine Happening immediately drew a big crowd and formed the base of an international community that still determines the cosy, DIY atmosphere at the festival today.After past editions at the local neighbourhood centre and the Industriemuseum, 2019 sees Zine Happening move to Kunsthal Gent, a new arts space in the center of the city. This year's edition promises to be even bigger, as they'll be collaborating with the likeminded Ghent Art Book Fair.As always the biggest part of the festival is taken up by the market, which will showcase zines by over 70 artists and collectives, from all over the world.Central to this year's edition is Leipzig native Anna Haifisch, a celebrated comic artist and organiser of zine fest Millionaires Club, who will be talking about her work (process) and read from her comics. But there's more: a bingo game with felt sculptures made by Leonee Vannut, tattoos by Dennis Tyfus, Lena Faict and Pinkythumby, an embroidery workshop by Ameli Neumann and lots more!

E² / Sterput (BE)
3° Verlag (DE)
Marjan Buning (NL)
Leonee Vannut (BE)
De Zandberg (BE)
Fanzinotheque Bxl (BE)
Valentin Godard (FR)
Strange Sequences (BE)
Laura Ibanez Lopez (ES)
Hocus Bogus Publishing (NL)
Döner Club (IT)
Marktcorruptie (BE)
Manuel Rodriguez Navarro (CL)
•an-e-moi• (BE)
Vite (BE)
Günbike (TR) + Luz De AmorPauline (FR)
Boslabs (BE)
Livor Mortis (UK)
La Camaraderie (BE)
Line Across Circle (BE)
Sad Biscuit Studio & Friends (BE)
Pulp DeLuxe / Stripgids / De Stripgilde (BE)
Lucie Malbequi (FR)
L'Appât (BE)
Jozien Kennes (BE)
Sternstunden des Kapitalismus (DE)
Fanart (DE)
Gemma Álvarez (ES)
Wobby Club (NL)
Actes Nord (BE)
Chris Reijnen & Bart Bling (BE)
Alison Souffreau & Toyah Decorte (BE)
Yingda Dong (CN)
Equinoxe (FR)
Clara Girke (DE)
ELI / Les Ateliers du Toner (BE)
Yi Wen Chen (CN)
Hélène Drénou (BE)
Linnea Lidegran Correia (SE)
Gabri Molist (ES)
Primitiv Print (RO)
Vodka Candy (BE)
Murf/Murw magazine (NL)
Dendrolagus (SE)
indekeuken (BE) & ChezRosi VERLAK (DE)
Mirjam Vesters (NL)
Iris Van Robays (BE)
Anaïs Rallo (FR)
Øistein Bergli (NO)
Brumeville (BE)
Letizia Acosta (USA)
Pietra Publications (BE)
Waar Zine De Vrouwen (BE)
Walter Joris (BE)
Yvonne Kengen (BE)
Noémie Barsolle (BE)
Anna Haifisch (DE)
Louise Vervaet (BE)
Stencilwerck (NL)