Opening: 22.11.2019 – 19:00


Charlotte Stuby:

Endless Exhibition

MDC KH C Stuby buiten 007 LR

Kunsthal Gent, 22/11/19 — ∞

Opening on Friday 22 November 2019
Musical performance at 20:00

Keepsake is a textile installation by Charlotte Stuby created for Kunsthal Gent.

Charlotte Stuby's research on textile in urban landscapes reflects a fascination for its functionality. Her work not only forms a reaction on observations and memories but also plays with existing ideas related to classical tapestry such as layout, scale, fragility and shape. Furthermore, her work questions the use of symbols and landmarks as a common practice, when appropriations become the subject of new stories. By the use of « appliqué » technique and embroidery, an overlap of (non-) references and (non-) figurative shapes turn into a narrative composition, completed by primary colours.

For this installation, textile becomes a central element of the historical architecture of Kunsthal Gent. The mural hanging redefines the space by recomposing its chronology. Charlotte Stuby's work ties in with Kunsthal Gent's Endless Exhibition, in which works do not have a definitive place but can be moved or adapted in the future. Her installation aims at involving inside and outside of the building, as a banner for the ever-changing future of Kunsthal Gent.

Charlotte Stuby (1989, CH) lives and works in Brussels. After a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at ECwAL in Lausanne (CH) in 2013, Stuby continued her studies in Belgium and obtained a Master’s degree in Textile Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent in 2017.

She participated in several exhibitions in Switzerland (Pazioli, La Placette, Indiana) and Belgium: in Ghent (019, Museum of Moving Practice), Brussels (Sagacity), Leuven (LUCA Biennale). Her book Creature in Reality was published in 2018 by Grafische Cel, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent.


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MDC KH C Stuby 007 HR
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MDC KH C Stuby buiten 007 LR
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