Opening: 07.02.2020 – 20:00


Nikolaas Demoen:
Papers, Books and Bolero

Film screening

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Nikolaas Demoen - 'Papers, Books and Bolero'
Cinema Kunsthal Gent
08/02 - 22/03/2020, sat/sun 11:00-18:00

The film 'Papers, Books and Bolero' is a dialogue between French philosophers, fictionalized in cardboard, and found images in books and miscellaneous documents; it suggests in fact a possible relation between the different images. The film features on the one hand works belonging to the history of art (Tiepolo, Palladio,...) and on the other hand images from glossy magazines (Purple Fashion, Vogue). Both very different sources are linked through sculptural artefacts made from cardboard and clay.
On the rhythm of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero, one by one the papers and books appear, gradually intoxicating the audience’s senses.

Papers, Books and Bolero, 2020, 16 x 9, 7:02 min.
in collaboration with Christophe Albertijn
Music: Maurice Ravel, Bolero, conducted by Lorin Maazel

Nikolaas Demoen is a visual artist and publisher, based in Ghent, Belgium. In his work he explores the relationship between modern culture and the tradition of beauty in the arts, and how the individual human being is constantly crossing these artificial borders.


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