Opening: 25.01.2019 – 18:00


Platform for Graphic Design

9 posters for Kunsthal Gent

MDC KH posters2 MR

The graphic identity of Kunsthal Gent functions as a medium for communication, but also as a platform for graphic designers. The aim is to position ourselves in contrast with and in protest against the standardisation of communication—a trend that is unfortunately creeping into the broader cultural sector, whereby the viewer’s graphic preferences are confirmed rather than surprised. In collaboration with LUCA School Of Arts (Inge Ketelers) and KASK School Of Arts (Thomas Desmet), Kunsthal Gent invited 9 designers to create a poster for one of the activities during the opening weekend, taking into account an element provided by Kunsthal.


Hermine Cooreman, Bart de Baets, Sara De Bondt, Daphne Pannier, Audrey Quaranta, Amina Saadi, Lennart Van den Bossche, Lien Van Leemput and Maud Vervenne