The artist presents a dilemma or question – we create a custom-made program with the artist and/or appoint a coach. | Last one out turns of the lights. | A building is a capricious thing: it is inhabited and changed, and its existence is a tale of constant and curious transformation. | Don’t be obsessed with numbers. | We don’t own the building. We’re custodians to it. | That’s a very interesting piece, but how would it behave in a pizza joint? | Can you also remain a toddler institution? | Be pan-gender polyphonic. | An exhibition is never finished. | Never ask the artist to just present their work, ask them to co-create and co-organise the space. | There should be no distinction between architecture and art… it all serves ‘space’ and it interacts with each other. Cities also work like that. | How can successive exhibitions coexist instead of eliminate each other? | The best systems have a failure or ‘a hole’ in them… | Every art scene has the same problems. | Kunsthal Gent creates a strong artistic and professional context to experiment with new ways of developing and presenting art. |