#131: A visitor who comes back after a week might discover new additions to the exhibition. | #132: Things will always look weird when you’re the first doing it. | #34: We pay artists. | #51: How do we invite the true unknown? | #107: Build a community / scene. | #111: Do it together. | #2: Bring something new to the city of Ghent. | #60: Look after all tools. The moment it looks like things are missing it means that things are missing. | #105: Kunsthal Gent is local in scale, but globally connected. | #137: Use the publication as programming space | #40: Follow the artist | #94: No objections? Just do it. | #112: Spaces today don’t need to be curated, but occupied. | #21: Live with the exhibition, spend time with it. | #59: Always protect the floor when painting (or pouring concrete) | #5: Kunsthal Gent is a city where different identities collide in an ongoing exhibition without end date. New exhibitions are always a new layer in this ongoing story. | #23: That’s a very interesting piece, but how would it behave in a pizza joint? | #91: Embrace doubt. | #6: Demand that visitors are active. | #47: Artists need to be supported more than ever in the development of their practice due to the gaps that have been created in the field of fine art | #82: Clean and sterile looks professional, but really boring. | #32: Be pan-gender polyphonic. | #62: Don’t be a dick. Full dishwasher: empty it. | #28: Make Contracts. | #65: No excuses: Thursday morning, team meeting. | #14: Can you also remain a toddler institution? | #79: The layered painting in the Old House has the potential to become the emblem to explain what Kunsthal Gent is doing. | #70: Have the office space inside the exhibition space, it reminds of you what you are doing. | #92: We’re a learning organisation. | #56: Take a lunch break. | #19: Have fun at the exhibition. | #24: We invest long-term in individual artists’ careers, working over time in different contexts. This also applies to designers / web-developers / photographers / volunteers /… | #141: Start a Publication Studio at Kunsthal Gent in the nearby future. | #119: Be a space of production. | #26: More artists, less borders. | #35: The artist fee should be good. | #3: Entrance to all exhibitions at Kunsthal Gent is free. | #33: We will ensure work by female artists and curators make up at least 50% of our programme each year. | #53: Immaterial support for artists is important. | #4: Pay what you can. | #37: Operate with radical transparency. | #89: Build-in impurity within the organisation. | #30: Don’t work with artists who are assholes. | #117: Consider design, organisational structures and architecture as programme. | #90: The best systems have a failure or ‘a hole’ in them… | #10: Don’t be obsessed with numbers. | #58: Kunsthal Gent is a monument. If you plan to drill a hole, contact Tomas first. | #64: Arrange a distribution of forces. | #120: The new type of art institute cannot merely be an art museum as it has been until now, but no museum at all. The new type will be more like a power station, a producer of new energy. | #68: Once in a while we need to get out of utopia and get something done. | #98: The success of it will not lie in the result but in the process. | #36: We support production separately. | #130: Be a uniquely charged and curated gallery that is an artwork in itself. | #54: What about disabled artists? | #55: Keep basic human needs on the forefront. | #84: The White Cube is a lie. | #44: No name tags at dinner. | #124: Do less, do it better. | #15: Kunsthal Gent aims to be an extension of public space. | #17: An exhibition is never finished. | #127: Remain practical: what happens to the work in an endless exhibition? | #87: Always keep in mind there is something really special about being in a room that is 19 meters tall. | #88: Changing internships, artists, curators,... are important propositions to keep a fresh set of eyes. | #25: Never ask the artist to just present their work, ask them to co-create and co-organise the space. | #74: Last one out turns of the lights. | #16: Kunsthal Gent will always be a construction site. | #99: Evolve according to changing needs. | #81: Things come alive when there is friction. | #29: We make the program for the artist that we exhibit. | #20: Are exhibitions the most suitable form for the art that we present? | #61: No all male install teams. | #75: A building is a capricious thing: it is inhabited and changed, and its existence is a tale of constant and curious transformation. | #57: Volunteers must be: cared for / hands on / ready to learn / willing to share / in it to win it / show new or old tricks. | #39: Be the early stepping stone in an artist’s career |


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