Opening: 04.07.2020 – 11:00


Olivier Goethals:
Spatial Intervention KHG03

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New pavilion: Spatial Intervention KHG03(above the cinema, accessible via bridge from KHG02)

3 is a third spatial intervention by artist and architect Olivier Goethals. It follows after KHG01, which created a new entrance and several functional spaces on top of the choir in the hall church, and KHG02, which integrated a cinema/lecture room on the other side of the hall church.

is a relatively small pavilion, a “mini white cube” in which new exhibitions escape the complex and monumental architecture of the monastery and the Endless Exhibition. In this way, we investigate different forms of exhibitions and turn Kunsthal Gent into a layered and complex whole that offers starting points for different partners

"Kunsthal Gent will always be a construction site" is one of the quotes in the Manualof Kunsthal Gent. In dialogue with Kunsthal Gent's artistic programme, Ghent based artist and architect Olivier Goethalscreates a series of spatial interventions that function as new platforms within the existing building. The interventions allow for a multifaceted use of the space.

Spatial Intervention KHG01, a monumental 3-storey wooden construction that creates new working and exhibition spaces, also shifts the public entrance from Lange Steenstraat to Vrouwebroersstraat. The new entrance was inaugurated in January 2019 and offers an inviting view from the street to the monumental hall church and a spectacular view of the space and the work on display from the upper floors.

With Spatial Intervention KHG02, opened in May 2019, Olivier Goethals designed a new film and lecture space for Kunsthal Gent. It is the base of operations of Art Cinema OFFoff and also offers room for events by Kunsthal Gent and partners.

These interventions were built under the guidance of Tomas Lootens, production coordinator of Kunsthal Gent, with a construction team of volunteers (including volunteers from Refu Interim, a Ghent-based organisation that helps refugees gain work experience).

The spatial interventions gradually change the monumental building into its new form as 'a city of contemporary art' in which different identities come together and interact with each other. The interventions of Olivier Goethals form the spatial support for the changes.

Olivier Goethals
(1980, based in Ghent) studied Architecture and Urban Development. He is working simultaneously as architect and artist. In his wide practice he researches the connection between physical space and consciousness. Olivier made spatial interventions and artistic installations for venues such as: Palais De Tokyo Paris, Z33 Hasselt, CIAP Hasselt, Extra City Antwerp, Gallery Marion De Cannière Antwerp, Be-Part Waregem, NUCLEO Ghent, LUCA Ghent, 019 Ghent, ... Previously he worked as a freelance senior architect for De Vylder Vinck Taillieu for eight years. Since 2010, he is teaching at the KU Leuven Architecture Department. He was a guest teacher at RU Ghent faculty of Architecture, LUCA School of Arts Experimental Studio and ETH Zurich faculty of Architecture, among other institutes.

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