Opening: 25.09.2020 – 20:00


croxhapox presents:
THIR(S)TY THIR(S)TY #1 - Looking at the letter A

30 years croxhapox


THIR(S)TY THIR(S)TY #1: Looking at the letter A
25.09.20 — 25.10.20
Sat & Sun 11:00 — 18:00


Art centre croxhapox celebrates its 30th birthday with thir(s)ty thir(s)ty. Looking back, croxhapox is looking ahead to develop new future perspectives. For thir(s)ty thir(s)ty, 5 artists that have a history with a croxhapox are invited as guest curator to develop a presentation project, making their own selection of participating artists. Croxhapox works with 5 different partners to host these projects. The first exhibition in this series is curated by Lore Smolders and will take place in the Old House at Kunsthal Gent.

Looking at the letter A
croxhapox invites Lore Smolders invites Eleanor Ivory Weber, Laure Prouvost, Leendert van Accoleyen, Lieselotte vloeberghs, Maarten De Vrieze, Mekhitar Garabedian, Sjoerd van Leeuwen

“I invited 7 other artists for ‘Looking at the letter A’, based on my affinity with their artistic language and way of thinking. Our encounters prompted me to look at the origins and principles of writing. Looking at the letter A refers to A as the ‘adelaar’ (eagle) of Egyptian hieroglyphs, the tension between letter and sign, pictographic systems, deciphering an unknown language. Looking at the Letter A is inspired by Broodthaers’ endless alphabet game, adopting the eagle as an absolute symbol.

To me, in these practices drawing becomes cryptic writing and vice versa; writing as a sign, writing as a political act, the sign as poetical commentary, repeating words as a mantric gesture, learning a language, imitating, scratching as a didactical performance, erasing as rewriting, symbols, sometimes universal, sometimes incomprehensible.

These works will be brought together in an exhibition in the ‘Oud Huis’ at Kunsthal Gent, a space that preserves a 15th century fresco, thus merging historical and contemporary layers.

Lore Smolders

Opening weekend
25 September, 20:00 – 23:00
26 & 27 September, 11:00 — 18:00


25 September - Sjoerd van Leeuwen
25 October - Eleanor Ivory Weber

Every Sunday
– guided tour through the exhibition

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