Opening: 10.08.2020 – 22:20


Four Flags

Curated by Julia Mullié and Nick Terra

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Four Flags is a project that aims to support artists during the lockdown and promote art in the public space. During a period of virtual art experience, the Four Flags project presents visual art in a series of flags with works by artists, on view in different places in Belgium and the Netherlands. 30 artists were invited by the initiators to design a flag. The first five flags were by Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Ola Vasiljeva, Das Institut (Kerstin Brätsch & Adele Röder), Kasper Bosmans and Juliette Blightman.

In Belgium, the flags are on view at Kunsthal Ghent; Netwerk Aalst; Be-Part, Waregem; AAIR, Antwerp; CIAP, Genk; KIOSK, Ghent; La Loge, Brussels and CC Strombeek, Grimbergen.

Since the end of April and until the end of July, new flags appear every week on the façade of Kunsthal Gent. The flags are also for sale as an edition (€150) of which the full proceeds will go to the artist.

Four Flags Belgium is an initiative of collector Siska Bulkens and curator Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte. Follow the project on instagram @fourflags2020

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